Naked Truth Nutrution

With so many ads, spam, marketing crap going on, it’s hard to know what is real or better yet what will work for you. We all have different goals, but we all want to be healthy. Here’s a few basic bare truths about nutrition.

  1. Consume a high quality fish or flax seed oil daily, your joints will thank you.

  2. Increase of buying over priced and under dose pre workout supplements loaded with sugar, try a coffee with protein and mct oil. You’ll still get the boost and pumps you’re after.

  3. Frozen fruits and berries are great for smoothies, still high quality with nutrition and will last longer in turn, saving your money and your health.

  4. Green veggies are awesome! With so many benefits, there really is no reason why your diet shouldn’t consist of broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, and Brussel sprouts.

  5. Bored of chicken every day? Simply addcan still keep you on track but add a little more flavour. Add some pineapple to your chicken breasts, or my favourite is top your chicken with homemade Pico!

    Nutrition doesn’t have to be as hard or confusing as we make it out to be. Get a plan and stick to it, and you will reach your goals!

Matt BarrettComment