You don't always need weights

Getting back to the fundamentals.

You don’t always need crazy machines and tons of iron to build an impressive physique. Coming from a martial arts background, body weight exercises have always played a big role in my training and I bring that along to my clients as well. You can still build some bulletproof muscles without weights.

Here are a few takeaways for you:

  1. Using body weight as your fundamentals will test your sire strength. Sure you can press 300 lbs, but can you really do 10-15 strict form pull ups or 30 plus full range of motion push ups? Getting back to the basics challenges you in a new way, but also will increase performance in other training cycles down the line.

  2. Bringing back body weight training can show your level of mobility or lack thereof. If you can do a barbell squat with double your body weight but can barely muster through a single legged pistol squat, your mobility needs some work. Again improving mobility and flexibility might be challenging at first, you will reap the benefits of it when you get back under the bar down the road.

  3. You might have strong muscles, but you could very well have weak joints. If you can’t do the basics without pain in your joints, don’t blame the exercise for being too hard, it’s your joints. One of the benefits of body weight training for joints is you can do higher reps, increase your joint strength and have a larger time under tension increasing more muscle growth.

    Hey I get it, it’s always awesome to throw a lot of weight around, but sometimes it’s good to get back to some basic fundamental training to really test yourself. Better yet, sometimes you can’t make it to the gym, but body weight training can be done almost everywhere! There’s a reason why it’s been used for some long by pretty much every athlete regardless of their sport, bodybuilders, or even just your average everyday person that wants to get in amazing shape.

Matt BarrettComment