A Real VSHRED review

So have you been online recently and wondering why this VShred program keeps popping up?

It’s highly marketed for sure, and a lot of money has been spent to make sure it’s always in your face.

Although I normally keep this blog for advice and tips, I was asked if I could review this program from one of my clients.

I have no affiliation with them and whether you choose to buy a program from them or us is completely up to you. I’m just going to give you what I see here.

The program itself is very cookie cutter. If you search for maybe 10 to 15 minutes online, you will find all this stuff and it looks like they just put it all together for you for sometimes a high price tag. I say sometimes, because I went to their site and I see they are selling several different programs now. Most upwards of 225$. I also don’t see how these are tailored to you, reviews say they got their programs back within hours or a day…that’s the second part that just seems sketchy.

Granted programs can be written within a day, but with their claim of having over 400,000 clients, i don’t know about that.

The program also doesn’t do much in the way for progression or periodization. So you want progress in any way from week to week, they also have quite a few dissatisfied comments from people saying they were over charged, couldn’t get their money back or cancel their accounts.

Lastly, anyone doing videos of himself cooking topless is just trying to sell you something. I just can’t take him seriously. These false claims work though, and they attract people unwilling in to buying their programs and most likely injuring themselves.

I’m neither for or against this program, but I would air on the side of caution with some of these red flags. If you are looking for a good basic starter program to get in shape, try our peak physical condition. If you want an actual custom program that is tailored to you and won’t break the bank, let us know.

But don’t buy into the phony marketing ads!

Matt Barrett