All About That Booty

Let’s look at the booty. One of the most sought after body parts for women. But guys can benefit from strong glutes as well!   Instagram has grown famous for booty Instagram models and offering advice, I’ll admit some not the best, some okay.  Let’s look at what really works and how you can actually get a butt that makes heads swivel.  First let’s look at what muscles you need to work and their functions.  We want to hit the glutes in away that fires up the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus.  There are different was to isolate each, based obviously by the insertion of the muscle points and also the biomechanics of the muscle. 


But enough of the boring science terms, how do you hit your booty right?

You want to start with hip extensions and hip thrusts.  What I love about these as the progression is fairly easy to do, by just adding more load and resistance but you also build that mind muscle connection and feel the burn in your glutes. 


Secondly you want to hit your booty from a lateral stand point and work you abduction.  MY favourite go to for me clients is a lateral band side shuffle.  There are many ways to do these and I’ll let you google out some cool products here.  Ideally, you’re adding extra resistance against your legs while you stay in a crouched position and do lateral walks from side to side.


If you want to finish off with some intense unilateral work.  Set the cable pulley at the low setting and finish off with one leg Romanian deadlifts.  The extra resistance from the cable will be pulling you on a 45 degree angel and it also means your posterior chain will be loaded the entire movement.


Let the booty gains begin!

Matt Barrett