Are you getting Ripped off by your Supplements?

Are You Getting Ripped Off on your Supplements?


We have all witnessed the glorious ads.  “Take this and look like this!”, “This one pills will make you skinny and burn all your fat away”, but what they don’t tell you is about all their dirty tricks that are used to get you to buy these supplements.  For one, no pill is going to burn off 30 lbs of body fat, and no pill that may slightly boost your free testosterone is going to make you look like someone who is regularly injecting testosterone and using PED’s.  This is marketing and advertising at it’s finest but it’s also stealing your hard earned money that can be used on better things like proper food or an actual fitness workout program that works!  Here are a few things most people don’t know about when walking into a large supplement store or buying supplements online.

1.       There are companies that will pay people under the table, and some legally more money to push their products on people or “customers”.  This can come from having their products the first thing you see when you walk in the store to the salesman pulling out some random product from behind the counter you’ve never heard of before but tell you it’s the greatest thing that’s ever been created.  Why, because he probably gets a good commission on it when it gets sold.


2.       Labeling and Hidden Ingredients


Labeling is mainly based around the newbies that are entering the store. UltraSizePro or RadicalTestFX are just two names that I made up right now, but you get the point.  A new person coming into the store and buying for the first time would be like “Oh wow, that must be intense and what all these people in the magazines use”  All you have to do is look at the list of ingredients to see how they crammed in random things and most times you are buying nothing more than a few maltodextrin carb sugar drink and not an actual protein powder.  While we are talking about ingredients, what about adding a little creatine in your protein powders without you noticing?  It will make you retain a little bit of extra water over the first few weeks making people thing “Hey this protein powder is awesome, already put on 5 lbs of mass!”  Fat burners do this too, what about adding extra ingredients that are known as diuretics, they make you pee like crazy and you think you are burning off fat, but really you’re just peeing out extra water. 


3.       They don’t give you an actual breakdown of your ingredients.  Yes they list all these new and awesome ingredients that promise the world, but then put in low doses of each and add fillers and sugars instead.  Proprietary blends are easy to hide the fact that it’s a cheap product.


4.       As with paying off people to push their products on you, a lot of companies will pay you to write the reviews.  “Yes I took this product for 2 weeks and have already gained 20 lbs of pure lean mass” who’s not going to click on that link and add it to the cart right?  Well a lot of the times, companies are giving off free perks and even money to get these false reviews out there online and get people to buy their products over the competitors.


Don’t get me wrong, there are some great supplements out there and amazing companies that pride themselves for putting out superior products.  Do your research and make sure you know what you are buying before you break the bank.

Matt Barrett