Cardio Sucks, Lose Weight Faster like this!

Cardio is the worst, isn’t it?  No one likes doing it, but we do.  Why?  For our heart health and mainly we want to look good when we take our shirt off.  Let’s cut the bull and be honest.  So we need to lose the excess body fat and get the aesthetic look we desire.  On top of that, most fear they will lose the hard earned muscle they have slaved away for in the gym training.  Well let’s get down to a few basic finishers that will crush your fat loss goals, but retain your muscle gains.  Win/win for all!


Remember these are to be added to an already well structure program for maximum results.  If you don’t already have one, head to to get the best program for you.


HIIT finishers to get shredded.


The battle ropes.  If you have access to these at your gym, you’re in luck.

Grab both ropes, you are going to do 10 seconds of slamming with your right arm.  As hard and as fast as you can.  Then switch and do the same with the left arm for 10 seconds.  Immediately followed by 10 seconds with both arms at hard and fast as you can.  Be vicious here, the harder and faster you can go, the better the results.  Keep in a half squatted position the entire time to get those legs burning too.  Rest two minutes after and then repeat.  You should aim for about 5 rounds of this bad body.  Your lungs will feel like they are going to explode.


The kettlebell swing.

This one you have probably witnessed before, it’s popular in the CrossFit communities but it works as a full body finisher that melts away fat.

Grab the appropriate kettlebell weight for you.  You will set a timer and do one arm swings for 15 seconds on your one arm, immediately switching and doing 15 seconds on the opposite arm.  Rest 30 seconds and then repeat.  You will keep this going for 20 minutes.  Get ready to sweat.


The Incline Walk

This has also been a go to for me.  I make my clients do it and they hate it, but also always say the same thing.  “I can’t believe I can sweat this much from just walking!”  Do a good 2 minute walk at a normal speed, normally level 2-3 on the treadmill.  After the 2 minutes is done, crank the incline up as high as it can go and do 60 seconds like that.  Then bring it back down to an incline of 0 and do 60 seconds.  Repeat this for a total of 25 minutes.


Time to get that true beach body ready!

Matt Barrett