Dad's workouts to become an Avenger!

Superhero Workout for Dads at Home


So you’re pumped!  You’re taking the kids to Avengers Endgame, which we all know will be fantastic, but afterwards you can’t help but think “Man I wish I could get back in shape again, I just don’t have the time!”  Hey there are a million excuses I hear all the time, money, not enough hours in the day, too busy with work or coaching, the list goes on.


Well I’m here to tell you it’s possible.  We’re going to drop Thor’s hammer and get you started.  Ideally you need a full program with diet and nutritional help and tips which you can get here for either Peak Physical Conditioning, Shredding down or losing weight, or a completely custom program tailored to you and your goals.


But for the mean time, here are a few routines you can start at home, with nothing but a step and a set of dumbbells.

Warm up – 2 minutes of jogging in place or skipping

Mobility – Stretch full body for 5 minutes

1)  J/P/C (Jack/Push/Climb) Workout

Do one jumping jack. Then do one push up. Then do one mountain climber (each leg). That’s one rep.

Rounds: 8
Duration: 20 seconds of work
Rest: 10 seconds


2)  8-Minute AMRAP Workout

Spartan Makers

Reps: 5
Get a pair of dumbbells.  Choose wisely, maybe 10 – 15 lbs. Start in the bottom position of a push up with your hands on the dumbbells. Do two push ups. While in the up position, row one of the dumbbells to the side of your rib cage, place it back on the ground and do another push up.  These are called Renegade Rows. Row with the other arm and do another push up. Next, jump your feet near your hands (like a squat thrust) then clean and press the dumbbells. Now bring the dumbbells to waist height and squat down until you can rest them on the floor, slightly in front of your body. Jump back into push up position. That’s one rep.

Burpee/Push up/Broad jump

Reps: 5
Stand with your feet about 6 inches apart. Bend at your knees and waist and put your hands down in front of you. Kick your legs out at the same time behind you. Do a push up. Kick your feet back in, then jump forward as far as you can. As you jump, throw your arms forward to help propel you. Land on both feet and get ready for the next rep.

The goal is to go as fast and furious as you can with good form.  These will get you sweating and melting body fat like crazy.



Matt Barrett