Fat Loss.......Made Easy!!

Yes the headline got you didn’t it.  In all honesty though, fat loss truly isn’t anything more than proper nutrition, and by that I not only mean good food choices but also eating the right amount for your body!

And exercise, yes moving more makes your body have to burn more calories.  So most people I see at the gym, always tend to do the same 5 exercises that they love, hit the elliptical, go chat for a bit, maybe some stretches and then leave.  Why am I not losing weight, I try everything!  Well the fact is you need to be on a proper program that will actually be targeted for those goals.  Whether you chose one of our high end programs or someone else’s, that is up to you, but that should be your first starting point!

Here’s a few more little tips that will help change your routine and get you on the right tracks.


First off, you should be sweating, and ideally within your first 5 minutes.  Now you can do this in a variety of ways, me personally coming from a kick boxing background, I always like to start with skipping.  Most gyms have ropes, if not you can get one for 5$, hell even some dollar stores sell them.  This gets your heart rate up, it gets the blood flow going, the muscles warm and most importantly it already starts burning calories!!

Secondly, you need to be doing full body routines.  I have written extensively about this before, but when it comes down to it, full body routines are just going to give you more bang for your buck, you hit muscles groups more than one a week and if your goal is fat loss, you are burning more calories overall throughout the week.


Last eat your vegetables, make sure you are eating enough protein with every meal and take a high quality omega oil to help burn more calories and keep your joints functioning their best.