Getting Older Doesn't Mean Giving Up, Still Make Gains

Getting Older doesn’t mean Giving Up


I get a lot of inquires from clients, friends of clients and people that heard through word of mouth and have come by my website.  “How do I still make gains even though I’m getting older?”  Getting older is definitely tough, and putting on lean mass isn’t as easy when you’re over 35 as it was when you were 18 years old.  However there is still hope, and you can still make those gains!


The bulk of my clientele is dad’s trying to get fit again and take their health back to live long fulfilling lives for their families.  Here lays a few of the tips I give to them to help guide them along, as some tweaks need to be made, and sometimes ego needs to be left in bed that morning before you leave for the gym!


1.       You’re aren’t 18 anymore! Its true when you are young, testosterone is at a high, you’re feeling great and you’re recovery is amazing!  As you age however, testosterone levels decrease, while estrogen levels increase.  This means, make your exercises and weight selections with a little more thought than you did in your teens.  You can still make incredible gains, and lose fat without going as heavy as possible.  You’re joints will also thank you for it too!


2.       Sleep!  Similar to my first point, when you’re 18 you can workout, go out all night and wake up the next day and feel amazing.  However as you age, sleep because much more vital to your health and recovery.  Also remember that a deep healthy sleep will help with your testosterone levels, as it is decreasing while you get older, you want to hold on to whatever you can.  Make sure you get as much rest as you can every night and avoid playing on your phone till 1 am.


3.       Finally diet is much more prevalent now.  You can’t do a “dirty bulk” You won’t be burning it off as quickly and it will just lead to fat gain, not lean mass gain.  Make sure you get on a structured diet, this includes your lean meats, as many veggies as possible and good healthy fats.  The simplest tip I have for my clients is “watch what you drink” Avoid added sugars, additives and calories that work against you, not for you.  You’d be amazed at how much just switching to water will help with fat loss, memory and overall feeling of wellness throughout your day.


These are just a few helpful tips to help just start you on your journey into health and remember that just because you’re getting older, doesn’t mean you can’t make great gains and even reach new records you never thought you’d see yourself doing!


M. Barrett

Matt Barrett