Good Online Training versus Scams

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Why Online Training is worth the cost for your Health.


So a big question I get asked is this “Why would I get an online trainer when I can just get everything off YouTube for free?”


Hey that’s totally true, you can find a video for pretty much every thing you ever thought of on YouTube somewhere.  However the main thing behind online training is and I can only speak for us here at Barrett Fitness.  You’re getting actual programs, backed by science with real results, all structured and laid out for you.  This way you constantly progress and keep getting results.


Don’t get me wrong, I have saw a lot of sketchy sites out there.  You can read our blog of real reviews of VShred, Weatherford Fit and Beachbody on Demand.  These companies are great at what they do.  They sell you hope and promise.  They do great photoshoots, tailored and edited before and after shots so you think “Hey I can obviously do it too!”  There have been quite a few documentaries that reveal a lot about this marketing approach and how they can trick you to buy.  It does work for a lot.


If you’re on our site though, you know we are straight up with no BS.  I worked in large gyms for years because I genuinely wanted to help people get healthy, hit their goals and do things they never thought they could.  It was amazing and rewarding, yet the price tag for some people was just too insane.  Do I not think my services are worth it?  A hundred percent, but I also believe everyone should be able to live a fit healthy lifestyle. 


This is why I created this site, these programs, and even offer the custom program that I sit down with each new one and tailor it to that clients goals.  You don’t get that with massive companies and crazy marketing, it’s just a more humble approach to at the end of the day helping everyone live a good and healthy life for themselves, theirs families and so on.


So to answer that question why get online training?

Structure, having a well designed program that allows for progression is better than choosing random videos from YouTube with no periodization.

Accountability, having a personal trainer to report to can mean there's less chance of you missing a session or workout, and also encourages you along the way.

Matt Barrett