Is Lack of sleep making you fat?

Is your lack of sleep making you fat?


Probably.  Let’s break some stuff down though.  Sleep is like giving your body the ultimate refresh every night.  It’s when it does its recovery, your stress levels go down nice and low and your hormones start to balance out.  But times are different!  We fight against sleep none stop.  We sleep with lights on sometimes, cellphones late at night and Netflix in bed.  All this stuff counteracts against your circadian cycle.  Its stops your body from producing melatonin and you end up getting much less, or sometimes just plain horrible sleep. 


On a side note for guys, sleep is actually where you produce the most testosterone!  That’s right, quality sleep, not the 30$ test booster you bought from your local supplement store, good old fashion quality sleep! 

But where it gets even scarier, when we fight off sleep like we tend to do in this day and age, most of us are sleep deprived.  This raises your insulin sensitivity, which causes you to gain fat, and maintain fat!  Also this plays a huge role with your metabolism as well, again making it hard for you to lose weight!  So stop the 2 am late night searches or snapchats and get some solid sleep, your body will thank you in the morning, not to mention your brain, vital organs and fitness goals!!!