Plateau buster Challenge!

Challenges are all the rage lately.  Especially where social media comes into play.  I remember taking an old school challenge back in the day around the martial arts studio I trained at.  It was quite simple, wherever you are during the day, if you had some spare time and space available, bust out as many pull ups as you can.  Then go back to whatever you were doing.  This worked because at the time, I was a trainer and working in a gym.  This also added that daily I was pumping out 100-145 pull ups a day.  Sometimes maybe only 5 then I would go back to whatever I was doing, but the shear extra volume did wonders for back growth. 


So now I’ve created a challenge for not only your back but also your chest.  You finally want lats and your serratus to pop, well complete this bad boy for a month straight.  I’ve edited it so that even if you don’t have access to equipment all day long, you can do this daily. 


The challenge, 5 to 6 days a week, you will knock out 100 push ups and 50 pull ups every day.  You can break them out throughout the day if you want.  Ideally, doing your pull ups with access to a pull up bar, and you can spread your push ups out all day long since your body is your equipment.  The split is completely up to you, 25 pull ups in the morning, 25 at night.  Whatever works, but get it all done and watch the muscles grow over the next month!


Matt Barrett