Sprint, don't jog. Jump don't just stand.


There are so old school methods that still hold true today despite all the new trends.  Athletes for years have always used explosive movements like sprints, jump training or plyometric, hand clap push ups, etc.  Why?  Well because they work!  Whether your goal is to get stronger, or to burn fat and work on body composition, explosive movements can take your game to the next level. 


For strength and muscle gains, the explosive movements hit your muscle fibers in a completely different way, triggering new growth and fiber recruitment, explosive movements cover a greater range and stimulate more fibers.  For fat loss, it improves insulin sensitivity, and burns more fat while performing these movements.  So get out the box jumps, incorporate in some sprints and challenge yourself in a few new ways to bust out of a rut and stimulate new growth, and more fat loss!

Matt Barrett