The Dad Bod is a thing of the Past

The Dad bod is a thing of the past!


I know, you have no time! Kids! Work! Plans! There is always something that has to get done, whether at home or the office or everything in between.  But there is hope, and let’s start by saying in this day and age, the Dad Bod just isn’t going to fly anymore.  The excuses are lacking and it’s time to take care of yourself, for you and your family.  Along with the dad bod being a thing of the past, so are those old school body part splits.


Let’s be honest, when you are first starting out a body part split somewhat makes sense, and in all honesty will get you results because it’s new to your system.  Everything works for a new lifter, and when you’re just starting out almost everything will give you growth stimulus. But you’re not a new lifter are you?  You probably worked out back in high school or have a gym membership and go occasionally, but with no real idea or vision of what to do.  This leads to frustration, and overall poor planning of periodization methods. 

Right off the bat, you are only training one body part per week, and most likely you are doing the same 5 exercises that you’ve loved since high school but lets be honest those bicep curls aren’t working for you anymore.  Now if you were to switch to a proper program, that incorporates full body routines, then you will start to see progress happen in all areas for you.  So if your chest is lacking, getting more recruitment of muscle fibers throughout the week would benefit growth much more than the almighty chest day Monday.  Doing full body splits throughout the week will hit muscle groups more than once and give them 50% more training volume, in return more hypertrophy growth!

So what can you do?  Well the most common goals for most people are to lose weight, burn fat and put on some lean muscle so they look good naked.  That’s the truth, and there is no shame in it.  The confidence you get from being healthy, hitting your goals and wearing that new outfit are what we are all after.  How do you get that?  Stick to your full body routines.  Things like upper/lower or push/pull routines are your bread and butter.  They ramp up your metabolism, keep you burning up excess calories and also help in laying down the foundation of lean mass.  Watch what you are putting into your body and track it down, you’ll be amazed at what results you can actually achieve.  Remember the body becomes stagnant if it’s doing the same thing over and over again, leave the body split routines for the old time bodybuilders and get the results you want with full body splits.


Matt Barrett