Too many online package choices out there!

It’s true, and it gets confusing. Do I go with this online trainer, or this one?

Do I go with the one that has the celebrity of famous athlete endorsing it?

Let’s cut through most of that, because in reality, these famous athletes or celebrities aren’t using that program. They have millions of dollars and probably multiple trainers they use to get ready for a big movie or their sport. On top of that, they probably got another big chunk of money just to use their picture to sell the product.

For example, a quick review of Weatherford Fit. Steve is a crazy athlete and a former NFL super bowl winner.

And there are some really good things that are offered in his program, but nothing revolutionary that you couldn’t find online after 10 minutes or just seeking out a really good trainer. Just because you’re a former pro athlete or a jacked movie star, doesn’t mean you understand how the human body, mind and muscles work.

Always seek out the best online trainer for you, someone who can adapt to you and your goals but also have the toolbox to get you there. It’s not a one size fits all, even though beachbody might want you to believe that. Always check that the trainer has a list of credentials and even message them and see how they respond and how knowledgeable they really are.

Once you find a good one, make sure you keep them!

Matt Barrett