Why Our Clients Are Burning So much Fat

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How are your clients losing so much fat and which program do I choose?

We have all been there.  Endless amounts of long, steady state cardio that drags on forever.  Everything has its place.  Yes cardio is great for working out things like your heart and other cardiovascular systems.  However your goals, like most are to lose body fat and look great.  So let’s get into it.


Our programs normally come with high end custom finishers that trigger the fat burning processes that you need and want to burn, without doing endless amounts of cardio.


One study compared the effect of 20 weeks of HIIT (high intensity interval training) with 20 weeks of ET (endurance training) on young adults. Incredibly, the HIIT group lost 9 times as much fat as the ET group.

The traditional program took 62 minutes to complete and the total session volume was around 17,000 pounds. However, the HIRT group finished their workout in 32 minutes, lifted only 8,500 pounds, but had a post-caloric burn the next day that was 450% greater than the traditional lifting group.

What these two studies confirm, gloriously, is that taking your last sets to failure through the use of finisher’s results in dramatic fat loss. And it can be done without necessarily adding more work, just by optimizing your final sets


With specific aspects of this training, we can tailor workouts and finishers to burn up to more than 450% calories and body fat off you.  Techniques range from Rest Pause, Drops Sets, Clusters and the list goes on and on.  This is how we are able to get amazing results for our clients, we did all the research and put the time in through education to put it all in one simple place for you, to get the results you want and start your healthy lifestyle, without breaking the bank.  We created two programs for this, a 6 week shred to get you visible abs, and a 12 week lean muscle builder to finally pack on the definition and muscle you’ve had a hard time with.  Both programs come with nutrition and supplement guides to make sure you don’t fail.  And to end it all off, they also come with email assistance from us to answer any questions.  This is how we’ve been able to get people to crush their goals and get bodies they only dreamed about.  Will you be next?  Take the challenge!