Why Barrett Fitness?

Well with years of experience as a strength and conditioning coach, trainer and mixed martial artist, I’ve taken my love for health and fitness to the next level constantly by challenging myself with continuing education to help my clients of all levels. Top athletes, right down to the average every day work hero that just needs that extra push to get going and not sure how to start

What’s the difference between the 6 & 12 week program

Besides the obvious difference in length.

The 12 week program is more of a structure program for putting on lean muscle and then leaning you out through a method of periodization.

The 6 week program is an intense program to shed body fat quickly and get ready for an event, the beach, or a competition.

Can I do all the programs?

Absolutely! But only do them one at a time and follow them through to the end. Since the training programs are different, they can be stacked back to back for greater results

I bought the program but I need help/have a question

After your purchase of the programs, you will have access to contact Barrett Fitness with any question you might have about your program. We will respond as quickly as possible to keep you on track and motivated.