Custom program

Custom program


So you’re ready for the next level! Look different, feel different. Get this program for a complete hands on approach and support to get you to your customized goals!

You’ve tried everything and you’ve hit a plateau. Whether it be a customized full body recompostion, to build up lagging body parts, contest prep or to simply get in the bestshape of your life, Barrett Fitness can take you there.

With our Custom Program Option we give you a one of a kind experience. We start with a full assessment to see what your goals are, what level you’re at and what your diet intake currently is.

After you complete our email assessment then we begin to create your next steps to your goals. Programs will be based on phases at a time.

We will also include a full week custom diet to match your goals and offer email support to help if you get stuck.

Whatever your goals, let us know and we will achieve them together!

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