12 Week Shred

12 Week Shred


It’s time, you want that 6 pack! Get this program if you finally want to put on muscle. Pack on muscle and get chiseled at any age!

You’re here because you tried other programs that just don’t work. You want the deep cut lines between the muscles. For some reason you just can’t seem to shed off those last pounds and get there.

Well if you’re willing to put the work in, I’m going to show you how!

Training in Mixed Martial Arts for years combined with my Strength and Conditioning Credentials have let me create one of the most bad ass 12 weeks you’ll ever go through, but get you in the best shape of your life.

As opposed to standard routines, here we are aiming for one thing over the next 12 weeks

To get you in the top shape!

Each week you will see the fat start melting off you and the definition lines start popping those muscles out! The best part of it all is you don’t even need much equipment, so most of this program can be done at home.

What’s included with your purchase:

  1. 3 complete phases

  2. Nutritional Sample to kick start your diet

  3. Nutritional tips to help you avoid common problems

  4. Email support during the program duration to keep you motivated and answer your questions right away

The best part is all this is available in an instant downloadable file that you can keep with you on your laptop, or smart one. All for the price of one actual one hour training session with me!!

It’s time to start sweating and training your way to be in Peak Physical Condition!

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