The 6 Week Shred

The 6 Week Shred


Get the 6 Week Ultimate Shred if you want to lose fat! Finally burn fat and lose weight fast and keep it off!

You’ve tried to shed the last few pounds, you’ve tried everything. Nothing is working. Well this program works! But be warned …

it’s not going to be easy!

As a mixed martial artist I know what it’s like to cut weight for competitions, I’ve trained fighters get ready for fight day and now I’m going to show you how to crush through your plateau and get those last few pounds of fat of and make your muscles pop!

This 6 week program is intense but back by amazing results.

Some of the stuff you might of heard of, some you might not of, but at the end of the day its time to get you shredded!

What this includes:

  1. Full 6 weeks programs with detailed description of all exercises.

  2. Email support during the duration of the program to help with sticking points

  3. Sample diet that you can tailor to your weight and goals

  4. Nutritional tips

All for the cost of one actual one on one personal training session with me!

If you’re ready to blast your weight loss goals away, this is the program for you.

No fads, no tricks or gimmicks, just real hard work, and a lot of sweat.

Let’s get ready to shred and sculpt that body and get you the results you finally want.

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